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GPS Guided Trans-Atlantic Robot Boat
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robot boat to cross Atlantic from UK to USA

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Blog9: Snoopy Sloop Robot Boat 2022 Trans-Atlantic Attempt.
(Under Construction - relevant information, as available)

"I always wanted to be an engineer, and now I are one !"

Updated 0930 BST UK Time ( Also 0830 Z/GMT/UT/GPS Time ) Sunday 7th August 2022

You probably reached this "Blog9" page from the Snoopy page, or the Design of Snoopy Sloop page . If not, click on a link to know more.
Each "blog" page describes detailed work preparing for the next Atlantic Attempt. i.e. covering a period in the region of a year: less if more than one attempt is made. The Blog pages were started after the first 2012 Attempt, where Snoopy's boat was lost. All later attempts were with the same boat, sometimes after major repairs. The blogs provide online "Engineering Notebooks", providing a day-by-day account of repairs, changes, and testing: mostly testing.

Origin of wheels for Snoopy's trolley click here for more on the Horse who snatched Snoopy These blog pages are mostly about numerous repairs to the boat, results from "BRAY LAKE TESTS", or 24/7 reliability testing on Bray Lake. i.e. Snoopy sailing back and forth over a 24/7 waypoint in "Snoopy Corner". This is typically for several weeks, in all weather, including gale force winds. Sometimes, a few things happened which resulted in amusing pictures or stories, such as countering human-intervention, or testing the wheels for Snoopy's trolly. Click on the pictures either side for larger versions, or visit earlier blogs above. BlogX, the "blog of experiments", shows ideas and products, some of which may appear in future boats.

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Snoopy's August 2022 attempt to cross the Atlantic and Camper Trip ...

from Robin Lovelock: Here is some relevant information, as it becomes available, day by day. It may get tidied up in due course :-)

Snoopy MAY make an Atlantic Attempt on Monday 8th August 2022. see Winds Expected. e.g. offshore / eastward wind needed*

Track Snoopy's boat on the SpotT map. e.g. in Sunninghill ? See spare SpotT2 tracker. e.g. within Robin's car or Camper . June and Robin are taking a few days holiday, and taking Snoopy :-)

* Winds are NOT expected suitable until much later in week, so the day and launch spot may be different. e.g. further west such as Dorset, Devon, or Cornwall.

Tap or Click to expand pictures below. Problem: Campers not allowed near beach on Undercliff Drive; Solution: Park above Zig-Zag steps on Overcliff Drive and use a sack truck to wheel Snoopy down to the beach and his launch spot. Overcliff Drive seems a better observation point after Snoopy's launch ! ;-)

Zig Zag steps Sack Truck Sack Truck white strip

High Tide at Boscombe is at about 1300 BST UK time ( midday GMT/UT/GPS Time ). These TotalTide predictions of tidal current are for Monday 8th August: Tap or Click on pictures to expand and read details. These help us predict any boats's behaviour - certainly Snoopy's ! :-) On left is maximum at about 0900 GMT ( 1000 BST local UK time ), centre is 1230 GMT ( 1330 BST ), right is at 1600 GMT ( 1700 BST UK ).

TotalTide prediction TotalTide prediction TotalTide prediction white strip

We plan to travel further west, so those south-western facing bits of coast might be suitable alternative launch sites ;-)

West of Boscombe white strip

Sunday 7th August 2022: Robin's "Cunning Plan": from Sunninghill to Boscombe for a recce', then on the West Bay for first night. Launch of Snoopy maybe Friday 12th ??? :-)

Planned start of trip: Boscombe Toft Zig Zag then West Bay

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