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The "50" page: Golden Wedding Anniversary of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill.

Updated 1900 BST UK Time ( 1800z GMT/UT/GPS ) Wednesday 7th July 2021, 11 days after Armed Forces Day, and our 50th Anniversary Party :-)

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June & Robin Lovelock's 50th Wedding Aniversary

Contents of this page (click on a link to skip to that section) :

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Introduction to the "50" page ...

Robin Lovelock
June & Robin Lovelock's 50th Wedding Aniversary UNEDITED Several important guys had to cancel just before the event, but, as you will see: it was a loveley Party.

The 7 minute unedited video on the right, starts with wedding photos, then typical Tuesday, then the Party ! :-)

Video shot by Saskia, using my Camcorder, is in the queue, as is editing, but other things take priority, hour by hour :-)

e.g. Michelle's Do It Yourself (DIY) Covid19 Test, then her 1535 from Ascot Rail Station; Collecting stuff from Saskia & Gary's; Coping with unexpected events; Meeting guys; "Every Crisis is an Opportunity" ;-)

That important video is below, and on my Robin1 Youtube Channel. It is of wider scope than our party. e.g. it supports CanUSee . e.g. clarity of display if high resolution screen. See those cheap Chromebooks :-) We can all still have a small smartphone too.

That CanUSee page is VERY important for our communication. Some small screens are already high resolution. We all need "The Right Tools for the Job" ;-)

My Youtube channels are Robin1 , Robin2 , and Robin3 . The latest Camcorder video is now public. More here soon - when I have the time :-)

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The Party on Saturday 26th June 2021, At Saskia & Gary's, in Yateley, near Blackbushe Airport ...

That short video of the "50" Party above and on the right: The Youtube description is .. "short unedited video, giving a flavour, of the lovely 50th (Golden) Wedding Anniversary Party, for June and Robin Lovelock, held on Saturday 26th June 2021, which was also Armed Forces Day. Unedited video up to Wednesday before 50th Party It was all shot on Robin's pocket camera, and most of it was from earlier in the week, preparing for the party.

Wimbledon first day, Cards, and pictures video Preperation was at their home in Sunninghill, with a lot of their cat Tody :-) This 50th Party was held near Blackbushe Airport and Nature Reserve, and the hosts were their daughter Saskia, and partner Gary. Baby Jack William Gurney was the Star ! :-)"

Thanks for your emailed cards, and these snailmail cards, sent through the post. I had a chuckle reading some. Loved the two from Pam Coughlan. You can Tap or Click on that picture on the left to enlarge it. Maybe you will see your card :-)

50 Cards That video on the right, just over two minutes, starts in our kitchen, with the women watching Wimbledon. But then I do a rapid tour of our lounge, showing the cards, and the new old family pictures, including from my Len Lovelock page. You will also see those two new 15" Chromebooks, able to show my pages clearly. This video is relevant to my CanUSee page. i.e. useful tools for guys, such as pensioners, to read articles as they appear in their favourite newspaper or magazine.

Camcorder video of 50th Party A recent "Surprise" was June and Michelle deciding to take a walk in the Park, near Saville Garden: an interesting "Challenge" to drive there, walk around, get back, pack Michelle's stuff in the car, and catch the train from Ascot that leaves ~ 1530. I'd suggested they take stuff in June's car :-)

That Camcorder video shot by myself and Saskia is now available and on the right.
There is something there for everybody, including kitchen table talk about me being crazy :-)
The two videos can be edited into one: an easy job now, but other things take priority :-)

e.g. Ascot Cars were tasked with collection of our chairs, etc, from Saskia & Gary's to here. Thanks Megan :-)
Job was done nicely by Yasim; Chairs and table now where I wanted. Settled quickly for 50 GBP cash + small tip ;-) No plastic glasses or cutlery for June, because no rush, and Saskia might bring overlater.

Another earlier surprise: June & Samantha had decided to go off on a run; Saskia called before they left, so I knew she was ready, before Yasim arrived there. Yasim did his good work here. That run from here ? 3.63 km according to the Samsung Health App, when they got back at 1110 :-)

A Jaquie Lawson card near end of this page . Now to be ready for the stuff to arrive, but plan to update my Covid19 page graph with latest ONS data. Click on pictures to enlarge. white strip 50 Pnorama of lounge wall 50 Pnorama of lounge wall 50 Pnorama of lounge wall white strip

Back to what I was saying about Michelle catching the train ... white strip

But "No Worries": Tap or Click on these pictures below, that tell the story ... DIY Covid19 Test & dead mouse; back in time to catch train; Tesco at Warfield gave free 7 pack of "COVID-19 Self-Test (Rapid Antigen Test) Made in China with Manufactur's address ;-) Got home; Made this this update; Off to Saskia's for stuff :-)

Pictures on Sunday 27th June 2021 after 50th Party. Pictures on Sunday 27th June 2021 after 50th Party. Pictures on Sunday 27th June 2021 after 50th Party. Pictures on Sunday 27th June 2021 after 50th Party. Pictures on Sunday 27th June 2021 after 50th Party. Pictures on Sunday 27th June 2021 after 50th Party. white strip More here in due course :-) white strip

Before the Party on Saturday 26th June 2021, At Saskia & Gary's, in Yateley, near Blackbushe Airport ...

Robin Lovelock

Please see List of "Who WILL Attend .." section with list of guys expected at the 50th Party.
Please let me know, ASAP, if you are able, and wish to attend the Party, physically, next Saturday 26th June 2021, at daughter Saskia and Gary's place, in Little Vigo, Yately, on the northern edge of Blackbushe Airfield, between 3pm (1500) until 8pm (2000). Best done by email please.

Then, hopefully, I can add you to the "Who WILL Attend .." section further below this page.

Note that the list can also include "NO"s, "Possibly", "Definate Maybe", "50/50", etc. Also probable timing, which may change.

Please use your "Common Sense": It's obvious that a large proportion of our guests could not be sure they could attend, even at the last moment. As one gets older, there are far more last minute snags that can crop up, due to one's own poor health, or that of a close friend or relative. We already have several examples of medical appointments, and even someone being taken into hospital. But there are also happy examples, when one has more kids and grand kids - things like weddings and house parties.

The Saturday Party, hosted by Gary and Saskia, is my priority, within the limit of 30 people in their garden.

Look at the location: there is scope for some to be nearby, and come in at different times.
There will obviously be opportunities to see what is going on, and participate, via video chats, such as Zoom, Whatsapp, Messenger, etc - but those details will be provided after the above is clearer.

Note that anyone is welcome to organise alternative small groups, and advise me on the locations and people. Ideas for photography now below.

Section below moved up to here, and may have time to plug in videos for a suggested use of Youtube display lists ???

After midnight Monday: Card from Gordon Pattersonnear end. Gordon says he is no Artist but I differ. But Jack does have more hair than Gordon :-)

1345 SATURDAY NEWSFLASH: Taxi here, loaded, and all three women going with friendly guy from Kashmeer :-)
I'm off now too - so soory for mistakes, etc. I'll be in my car with extra stuff like Chromebooks, projector, etc.
Sam got back from Tennis at 0945 - saw Tody's "present" of dead mouse on the frontdoor mat.
Spoke with lovely Edwina of Ascot Cars and I have booked a people carrier type taxi here at 1330 for 1345.
June says we could get the four of us into my old Merc C4 GPS, plus stuff I want to take. e.g. Chromebooks, Projector plus screen, etc.
I'm "covering the bases" for events such my old 200 GBP Merc breaking down - it has a dodgy alternator. Also if anyone wants a lift.
Hope to plug in videos soon, from "Family" page, "Home" page, Utube channel, etc.


Ideas for Still & Video Photography, Editing, distribution, Name Badges, etc ...

Robin Lovelock Distribution of raw and/or edited video on USB stick Selfy in a mirror taken in Landscape Mode I see no need for an "Official Photographer", such as Pete Wilson at our Wedding in 1971. I prefer "Landscape mode", for both video clips and stills. It is then easy for almost anyone to edit into suitable MP4 videos that can be distributed on USB stick, DVD, or social media like Youtube - my current preference. ideally of the same aspect ratio as normal broadcast PAL or NTSC TV channels. But no need to be that fussy. The important thing is that, whoever shoots video, it is transferred onto USB sticks. They are cheap enough, but I must remember to have a few spare, with labels already on, for people's names. e.g. "June Lovelock", if it was shot on her 'phone, seen here. Transfer from 'phone, camera, or camcorder, does not need to be done at the event, but it can easily be done with most source via USB cables. e.g. Phone/Camera/Camcorder -> Laptop PC => USB stick. I'd rather NOT have guys emailing me stills, or even video clips, which I have had in the past, if important and no other means. It is so time consuming, whatever the speed of the Net. We have several expert photographers and film editors among us, so I'm sure, without any work from me, I can rely on my friends shooting suitably embarassing material :-) No - to be serious, a few of our friends and family may be shy by nature, so I'm sure common sense will prevail, especially if they wear a label, with their name, and "no closeups please". Name badges might not be a bad idea anyway, as it will help security, but - more importantly - help people to categorise and recognise each other. e.g. "Dave Broomfield. EASAMS; Retired". e.g. "Robin Lovelock; City Uni; Ferranti; SHAPE; EASAMS; GPSS; Retired.".

Tap or Click on these pictures above to see good quality: typically in ballpark of 1280 x 768 x 256 colours. But no need for more on that here.
Tap of Click on example videos below, taken from places like "Family" , "Home" , "AsonTV" , etc. p>

Love and Strength to all who suffer in the World. See our Walks and 2020 Christmas Newsletter. e.g. more videos :-)

white strip James Lovelock Old Super 8 movie from 1978 or 1979 Len & Eve Lovelock's 50th Anniversary Party Jack's 80th Birthday Party white strip Video from Christmas Day 2017 Robin and Gus on 25 May 2017 Harold Sharp and Gambling white strip

Dr Strangelove Cockleshell Heroes

Utube video white strip See ASONTV and my Youtube channels Robin1 , Robin2 , and Robin3 .
white strip

1215 STATREP (Status Report) FOR SATURDAY: June & Michelle back from a trip to the Bansals with a paper map: Robin 'phoned after they left ;-)

June's plan for today, leading to 1500 at Saskia's and Gary's, working back from the party starting at 1500 is:
1. Party Starts at 1500 ( 3pm ): Guests start arriving.
2. June, Robin, Samantha, Michelle, arrive there by 1430 ( 30 mins ? ) June intended all in his car C4 GPS.
- but Robin has booked Ascot Cars, so we have two cars. e.g. Robin & June in his: however June wants it. e.g, me in my car - with stuff.
3. We leave 22 Armitage Court by 1345 ( 45 mins ? )
- Ascot People Carrier arrives here by 1330. e.g. to load stuff like big projection screen, preventing front passenger seat suitable.
- allows time for discussion who goes in what car. Mine is already parked on pavement, so drive is available.
4. June eats at 1230 (in time to change) * by 1315 June IS changed, so talking to Samantha about who and what goes where :-)

In a recent email from Sylvia Rolih, near Sydney, Australia... QUOTE:
Just thought you might find todays article amusing, seeing as you monitor your wildlife with your home camera: Dwayne the Guard Duck
UNQUOTE - Facebook video of "Dwayne the Guard Duck" - Thanks Sylvia and Rudi ! Ozzy Defence Strategy: "Come on in !" :-) * needs Facebook :-(

white strip Loveley short video clip from Deepak in Delhi just came in attached to his email, and it is already renamed, and uploaded to my video space: on . It MAY work - like my early videos before Youtube was availble. Robin may need to change link, or you download it, like he did Deepak's file.

ROBIN WILL PROBABLY BE STOPPING UPDATES HERE SOON - June has already OK'd his "scruffy casual" cloths :-)

STATREP FOR FRIDAY at 2050: Day went well, and illustrated with pictures. e.g. June taking stuff to Saskia; Michelle arrives from Coventry; Pub Grub; etc, etc.
June and Michelle are now watching Infinity War on TV with Tody. Samantha in Room watching Sky ? Robin now guessing who will be there :-)
Please see "Who WILL Attend .." section with list of guys expected
Earlier STATREP at 1235: Sam at The Cricketers, 1 London Rd, Bagshot, GU19 5HR, said OK: up to 12 expected at 1230. Robin leaving now, so ETA 1245 ? June took stuff for Saskia as planned. Ready here for coffee after pub :-)

You could also 'phone the Cricketers at Bagshot direct. I've reserved 10 tables, and it is under Richard Ince, even though the extra tables are linked to me: Robin Lovelock. Richard thinks he will not make it, due to a medical appointment, but we can still meet for lunch, then come back to my place after for coffee. You will see a gazeebo and chairs at front, but far more around the back. We also have our lounge.



Earlier words ... WANT TO JOIN THE PARTY ? Skip to nearer the end of this page for the rapidly changing guestimate of attendees at Blackbushe, The Royal Foresters, or elsewhere.
See options for use of the adjacent land, including RAF/Army/Navy/Private Helicopter use; Getting Chairs, Gazeebos, & stuff for video chat, "canned" greetings, entertainment, etc.

Newsflash Saturday 26th June - Our Party at Vigo Lane, Yately, near Blackbushe, is today from 3pm to 8pm. But there may be overlapping get-togethers for days :-)
This is written after my adding photos, was interrupted by a call from my friend Paul from Chobham, which I handed over to June. Some of you, like the Bansals, will know what a nice guy Paul is, and how skilled. The result, after I'd done important updates, was that June and Michelle said that it was a good idea to visit Bagshot and Chobham, according to the situation. I had a very interesting journey, checking with June at each place. I had a nice light hearted conversation with the lovely Maggie at Bagshot, who explained that she had got the police to give him a cheap taxi ride home :-) Checking with June at each step, I preceeded to Chobham, and gave a rat-a-tat-tat on the door. Then a phone call, with no answer, so took a nice relaxed trip home. ( Got a lovely call from Paul, just as I was about to go up, and I'm looking forward to hearing from him, so long as it's after 1200 :-) I put out the peanuts, interacted with Tody, spoke to Michelle and Samantha - who has tennis tomorrow morning. I looked at my emails, and loved the Pam Ayres Poem from friend Walter in Austria. Others there to look at, with a relaxed morning tomorrow, other than perhaps seeing what can be thrown together onto Laptops and Chromebooks, for entertainment. e.g. the long video of our days in Holland, maybe on hard disk - not just Youtube via their WiFi. But the same thing can be done for any of the videos on my Youtube channel.


Thanks others emails waiting to be looked at, but I just HAD to show you this, from my sister Sally:
Came across this ??

The difference if you marry a Southern girl!
Three friends married women from different parts of the UK

..The first man married a girl from up t' north
. He told her that she was to do the dishes and house cleaning.
It took a couple of days of repeating this, but on the third day he came home to see a clean house and dishes washed and put away.
The second man married a girl from the Midlands.
He gave his wife orders that she was to do all the cleaning, dishes and the cooking. The first day he didn't see any results but the next day he saw it was better.
By the third day he saw his house was clean, the dishes were done, and there was a huge dinner on the table. ...
The third man married a girl from the south.
He ordered her to keep the house cleaned,
dishes washed, lawn mowed, laundry washed, and hot meals on the table every day. The first day he didn't see anything,
the second day he didn't see anything either,
...... but by the third day, some of the swelling had gone down,
he could see a little out of his left eye and his arm was healed enough that he could fix himself a sandwich and load the dishwasher. How lucky have you been Robin? :-)

Taa Sally - how true ! :-)

No solution suggested yet for the simple live video URL - maybe there's a Youtube option ? :-)

Newsflash Friday 25th June 2021 :
I repeat the link to my "CanUSee" page. Reinforced by my conversations with John and Richard. We all suffer from eyesight limitations, not helped by small screens.

Difficulty with my pages ? Visit Robin's CanUSee page with simple tests. e.g. scroll to end of page in 1 second ? Can you read the text ?

The day went well. First the lovely photo of baby Jack Gurney from Kim, among emails for Robin; Then June provided Robin with the replaced Cannon Ixus 185 Pocket camera, ready to use, including having swapped in the SD card and set it up, such as date and time. This saves Robin a LOT of work, writing things down, and is quicker than a smartphone ;-)

Robin ? He is relaxed, but will do this slow typing, so he does not to do anything when snags pop up. e.g. earlier, Samantha had to borrow his stuff to pump up her low tyre, then get the car started, to charge the battery :-)

Tap or Click on pictures to expand them, and see the story of Friday 25th June 2021, including Pub Lunch at The Cricketers, Bagshot :-)
The three women, June, Samantha, and Saskia, are eating dinner, in the kitchen, while watching Tennis on TV. I shot myself with them for later :-)

Baby Jack Gurney in June 2021 Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Pictures on Friday 25th June 2021 before 40th of June & Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill white strip

**************** SORRY NO TIME TO SPEND EDITING NOW - TIME FOR BEDDY BYES ***************

The women are now relaxing: June in Kitchen watching Live Tennis from Eastbourne on Prime & playing Nanogram; Samantha in her room watching Sky; Michelle, just down from Coventry, relaxing in the garden with Tody, or her room.
2145: after telecon Paul A / June, June and Michelle agree I should go over to help taxi him home to Chobham from Bagshot.

The day Went Well and Pictures are above; e.g. the fantastic value of The Cricketers at Bagshot, and help, despite that only John and I turned up. Pictures of receipt soon: 19.60 GBP, for two lovely curries, John's Cider, and my Coca Cola. The receipt even has a hand written "Thank You", and - what Richard would love - on the back it says 20 x 5 = 100 Beefeater REWARD points. Yes, I rounded up the 19.60, but I did give a suitably generous cash tip for the excellent friendly and efficient service ;-)

June delivered flowers and drinks to Saskia; Michelle arrived from Coventry, via Ascot Railway Station; Pub Grub: just John and Robin at The Cricketers, Bagshot, but very useful. e.g. news about Richard, but mostly full sized Sailing Robot Boats and things like possible value of a Chromebook, for John's "Berkshire Driving School" business. e.g. clearer display of his own web site, and also of mine. Nobody needs to read all the text, but it helps if you can read it at all :-) Earlier, John had gone direct to the Cricketers for 1230, pulling a trailer, had forgotten his credit card, and was wondering why we had a section reserved for 10 people. It was soon resolved by John hearing why Robin had been delayed, waiting for possible arrivals like him, and having spoken to Fay, then briefly Richard, who spent lots of time at Robin's afterwards. We had brief conversations with key people, so there was no confusion about the booking for 10. The Cricketers is excellent for handling events at short notice, and the staff are efficient and friendly. I obviously paid the bill at the end, if anyone wants to know more, ask.

Lots of words here, but important, to put on record. Most of our time was chatting about things that interested John, including technology and high speed robot sailing boats. e.g. exploitation of BAE Systems Avionics to bring the hull out of the water completely, his noticing a recent news item about BAE having high speed Robot Sailing Boat based on the hull being completely submerged. Yes, submarines, like fishes can go much faster than surface vessels; We disagreed that, for a conventional sailing boat, size matters. In Robin's opinion, the weight is more important. Most of this will be too many words, but the important thing is the guys Robin thinks he will love to meet who worked on this stuff, years ago, and some still do. See submarines on
Picture of young baby Jack Gurney, emailed me by Kim yesterday, now at end. Tap or Click to enlarge :-)

No change in plans by June, and earlier newsflashes: June may 'phone Saskia ~ 1000 BST to see when to go over there. Wishes to give her stuff.

Robin had enough sleep, after replies to Sylvia Rolih in Australia, shared with some of his friends, including Pub Grub friends :-)

Weather looks good - no stong wind, no rain, and maybe sunny. Gazebos may be used for shade from the sun, not rain :-)

Parking near 22 Armitage Court, so not as to block our three cars: best use the pavement outside. e.g. John Sylvester and others.

Good if his EASAMS friends, like Sandy Sclater, in Alton, near Gill & Steven Gurney in Beech, can tell me when we started DGPS tests. "Robin's Corner", at front of drive, is part of GPS History. 1989 ???

1000 update, June going up to get changed, and Robin has to be ready for anything. Just saw Richard's emails and guess it was his "Ascot" visit earler :-)

This extract from my old "Roof" page, may be appropriate here, to save time ...

Weather for Sunninghill in week ahead from BBC is on . More detailed rain radar based prediction is on .

From Robin's Snoopy page: Robin likes minimum hassle and spending time with Grumpy Old Men :-) Click on pictures to expand, play, or visit the relevant page.

white strip Xmas18 piccy Peter and Dick Xmas19 piccy LOSW 1 Xmas19 piccy LOSW 2 Xmas19 Tennis Bansal family friends Flat roof white strip white strip

Newsflash Thursday 24th June 2021 (Midsummers Day) : Note yesterday's Newsflash: Robin expects to meet guys at the Pub Lunch on Friday; not just those on "Who WILL Attend .." section. e.g. David Booth ? My words about Joanna's " Armitage Court Ladies Chat Group" ? :-)

David able to join for Pub Grub tomorrow ? David and Joanna visited Mayflower 2, Plymouth, MA, USA, target of Snoopy's Robot Boat . John Sylvester started Team-Joker. But LOTS of other topics. e.g. Golf (Jack Ponsford's fame, in Sunningdale & Worldwide) , New Electric Cars , Hobbies , etc, etc, and Women ! :-)

Coffee for the "Last of the Summer Wine Team" is here after, at 22AC; for Women too - invited by June, with my consent :-)

Compuserve Emails on Midsummers Day Robin had another surprise from June this morning: she was attending a "Physical" Ladies Chat Group, at David & Joanna Booth's place, around the corner ! :-) During Covid19 times, it has tended to be "Virtual" via Whatsapp. It has also been an invaluable means of rapidly sending Alerts, like crimes, even if only within Armitage Court. June said she did NOT need to take her Laptop, but - if there is one - she is very familiar with navigating my many pages, particularly this, and others that might be relevant, like my Grumpy page.

But the most longer term news is probably those emails you can see on the right, if expand the pictures. e.g. Pam Coughlan of

More here later - if I have the time, like corrections, changes, etc. e.g. 'phone calls, half expected visitors like those in my overlapping Networks :-)

Thunderbird Emails on Midsummers Day Robin is now playing "Catchup", looking at emails on his Study PC, where he's used Thunderbird. See example on right. Later exchanges were done last night, using the Lounge PC, or Chrome Laptop, and the browser. Robin has all his emails going back to 1995, on TB or WINCIM, and backups in safe places ;-)

Oh Yes: June is also familiar with the NATO ( International ? ) Phonetic Alphabet, which also helps when talking over poor 'phone lines, video chat, or to guys with poor hearing who need to be shouted at :-)
e.g. "Alpha", "Bravo", "Charlie", "Delta", "Echo" ... Robin is often told to "Foxtrot-Oscar" :-)

June got back from the Ladies Chatgroup at about 1245, just as Robin was paying his old friend, "The Fishmonger from Grimsby", delivering the fresh fish June had ordered, from his lovely wife who calls. There was obviously a lovely chat on our doorstep, about our 50th, and, as June went indoors, Robin made sure he had the "50.htm" page. I wrote "50.htm" on the card he already had, with other "important URLs", given years ago, like remote tracking safety for his fishing friends near Grimsby. That MAY be the next short video on my Utube channel :-) June gave me a rapid and happy debrief on conversations: all by voice, with no Laptop or Smartphone aids, and including topics like Solar panels on roof next to Richard, at Joan and Mauritz's, Teaching, first year at Uni, etc. VERY similar subjects to the men :-)
My scrambled egg with salmon, on toast, should be ready soon. May not need to microwave it ;-)

Gary and Saskia Pictures soon which will be better than all these words...
Another Surprise on Thursday for Robin, that ended up with a better result: the garden furniture and flowers. that we had here, ready to take over tomorrow Friday, is now at their place already, so less work needed tomorrow, Friday. June still plans to visit Gary and Saskia on Friday, but that can more flexible. Don't forget that Michelle needs to be picked up from Ascot Train Station, although she is welcome to use Ascot Cars nearby, and charge the cost to me - but make sure you tip the driver Michelle ;-)

How did Surprise happen ? June had a Whatsapp video chat with Saskia, in the kitchen, Saskia asked if the gazeebos could be brought over today, instead of tomorrow, so they had more time to set up. June then proceeded to try and do it herself, assuming that both her and I would be driving over. The result worked out much better, with June doing a brilliant job of removing packaging, and overseeing my loading the car. However, I also took my new Chromebook for Wifi tests and showing Saskia the sort of kit I wanted to deploy.

I also drove off before June could join me, stopping to 'phone Saskia, to warn them I was on my way, if OK. As expected, the 30 minute car trip, along the A30, was nearer to 45 minutes, due to rush hour, and traffic work near Longacres. I also missed the roundabout before Blackbushe Airport, because I did not notice the Ely Pub landmark. Easy to do in heavy traffic - but easy to safely correct, by continueing past the Airport, and using the roundabout near the Car Auction place to do a U-Turn safely.

It was a quick and easy job to offload everything, put it where Saskia told me, with Gary still working inside. Plenty of time for me to 'phone Ascot Cars, and spend just 35 GBP on a Grey SEAT People Carrier, to collect the remaining chairs from our home at 22 Armitage Court, and deliver to Saskia & Gary's Vigo address.

Of course, we could probably have done all the stuff at a similar price, rather than squeeze in what we could into my old Merc car C4 GPS. It would have been cheaper - no petrol, wear and tear on my tyres, and - of course - my labour rates :-)

But we used the opportunity to make sure they could easily assemble the gazeebos, me show Saskia the Chromebook - she saw that Chrome was an easy to use Operating System, very similar to Microsoft Windows. It turns out that Saskia wanted to see me anyway, in connection with a surprise for June ;-)
OVER! :-)

Crimea and HMS Defender Two types of gazebo Newsflash Wednesday 23rd June 2021: Friday 25th: 0930 BST: Robin & June are taking gazebos, chairs, etc over to Saskia & Gary's. Will return back soon after, well before 1200. Pub Lunch was booked by Richard for at least John, Richard, and Robin, at The Cricketers, Bagshot. Stuart will be in Kent. But Robin spoke by 'phone to Sylva, and the booking is now for up to 10, at no extra cost. Some guys may choose to meet before the party Saturday ;
Friday afternoon June will collect Michelle, from Coventry, from Ascot Rail Station, arriving 1439 from Reading. Hopefully without cat "Lady" :-)
~ 1615: now leaving for Longacres... back with 4 extra gazebo and flowers; unloaded and at front; 6pm news ... off Crimea, "Russia fires warning shots at HMS HMS Defender, etc"; See about Crimea on Grumpy page, and what he and his friends worked on at Ferranti ; Peace & Goodwill to all; June walks down to Bansals; Robin will join her soon.
He did - very useful sessions with Raj Bansal, at their place, then back here, at 22AC. Raj is a Chrome expert. He gave a YES, and expects to meet guys at the Pub Lunch on Friday. see "Who WILL Attend .." section
OVER & OUT ! :-)

Newsflash Sunday 20th June after Saturday Whatsapp family chat yesterday 1930-2230 : Sadly for Robin, the women make the decisions in his house, and "are always right" :-)
Monday 21st: Power Cuts, then Surprise Party at Richard & Fays, with Stuart & Angela, today from 1730 BST until 1950. First Robin then Samantha heard about it was at 1615.
There had been a Power cut in Sunninghill in morning, so we were buying Inverters from Halfords; While there, another Acer Chromebook from Curries. e.g. for relatives.
On our way home from Bracknell, Robin was driving, and was told details of this "Surprise". e.g. just the 6 or 7 of us. Also nice call from Paul Andrews, of importance to the Bansals
By the time we got back, power had been restored to our Sunninghill area, and inverters not needed. Robin took a 15" Chromebook, to show this page easily - but not used.
Samantha was at home, but soon joined us. After toasts, the four women nattered in the Kitchen, and three men in their lounge, with snacks and drinks provided by Fay.
Good meeting their son David, when he popped in; His event that clashes on the 26th.
More to go on this page later tonight, tomorrow, and each day - if it saves time and mistakes.
e.g. latest on guests who are coming, physically or remote; other venues and days; video of putting up the Gazeebo; "canned" videos, etc. See sections below.

Thanks SSE (Scottish, Southern & Electric, for the power cut, and Richard & Fay for that lovely unexpected event ! We can all learn from our own and other's mistakes.
You could not write a better script, of coincidences and problems - but such problems were anticipated, and planned for, since before April :-)

The Primary Party Location at Saskia and Gary's near Blackbushe Airport and the Secondary at The Royal Foresters ...

Tap or Click pictures to expand or play video. When is the main party ? Saturday 26th June 2021 from 3pm ( 1500 BST ) until very Late :-)
Where is Primary Party Location ? At Lat,Lon 51.3303,-0.8416 = Broadoak, Little Vigo, Yateley, GU46 6ES, England. Near Blackbushe Airport. white strip

Little Vigo Little Vigo on satellite Little Vigo and Blackbushe Airport video white strip
There are nice walks from opposite Saskia and Gary's house, into common land and the old historic Blackbushe Airfield. Play the 4.5 minute video :-)

The limit is 30 people inside Saskia and Gary's garden at any one time. Some people will choose not to be there from 3pm until midnight. Timing to be decided, based on guests who can come. e.g. drinks from the start at 3pm; barbecue food and buffet from 5pm; Many more may be at other locations, including their homes, pubs, and ... see below :-)

white strip

Tap or Click on pictures to expand. Secondary Location: Some may be staying at The Royal Foresters near Ascot. They may use the function room booked. They might be Outside, inside, as needed and available. This is where our Wedding Reception was, on Saturday 26th June 1971. Many Thanks Aden O'Grady and other staff :-)

The Royal Forresters The Royal Forresters The Royal Forresters white strip

More detailed information kept updated since April 2021 ...

Robin Lovelock old wedding photos From Robin Lovelock on 11th April 2021: I'm setting up this page as an aid to planning our Wedding Anniversary on Saturday 26th June 2021.

Even without Covid19 we would make extensive use of things like large screens and video chat. See Contact page :-)

See our Family page. We live in Armitage Court Sunninghill, England, UK.

Below are old photos from 1971, taken by Pete Wilson, our photographer. Click on them to enlarge - if you dare :-)

from Robin on Moday 14th June 2021: Don't forget that our party may be happening at several places at once. e.g. one is our daughter Saskia's place. Here are some words today from June: "Up to 30 people allowed outside. Saskia has a large gazebo and we can buy/borrow another if necessary. From 3pm until late. Barbecue and finger food. Invite family and close friends (eg. Bansals) Saskia can put up Sally and Becky if they come."

Other locations might include The Royal Foresters near Ascot , The Cordes Hall in Sunninghill* , and our Our home in Sunninghil for just a handfull.

AMRA Indian Evening Wednesday 16th June 2021 from Robin: The Cordes Hall is now NOT available, although it was two days earlier. I've just received this:
"Hi Robin, Due to the delay in the easing of restrictions, we are not now able to offer the Hall as a venue for a party on 26th June. I hope that the outdoor venues you mentioned will be able to accommodate you and that you have a lovely celebration. Kind regards. Jane Richardson [Phone number REDACTED] ". Two days after, " On 14/06/2021 14:06, Cordes Hall wrote: Hi Robin Elaine has now left her role as Bookings secretary at the Cordes Hall to focus on a new venture of hers. In the interim, I am covering the bookings. Firstly, many congratulations on your upcoming 50th Wedding Anniversary! The hall is free on 26th June so just let me know if you would like to make a booking. With kind regards Jane Richardson Chairman Cordes Hall Management Committee "

Hopefully their web site will be updated soon. It still has April 2021 words mentioning reopening for an event. Hopefully The Cordes Hall will become available in the coming years, as it has in the past. e.g. those events like my 70th Birthday Party in 2017 and numerous AMRA and EASAMS events since 1985. e.g. that nice "Indian Theme" evening. Play the video on the right :-)

It's a good thing that Robin's "cunning plan" below allows for things like this. Thank's for the advice Baldrick :-)

Need a free taxi, at Robin's expense ? :-)

Tap on pictures below to expand or play video. Here's a lovely coincidence: Jane's business includes Fleetline Freedom , and several of our guests use wheelchairs. They are not all listed here, but the most famous is Pam Coughlan. See my and/or play the video of Pam. My Uncle Bernie, seen here with cousin Larry, are on my pages, including Covid19 and Family pages. For decades I've used Ascot Cars on and 01344 832477 to book a taxi for ourselves, friends, and June's dad Jack Ponsford . They were among the taxi firms, around the World, using my GPS Software in the 1990s. Since then, often on trips between Sunninghill and Gatwick Airport, for Holidays , Robin enjoys the conversations with the drivers: typically of Pakistan heritage. I spoke to Jane's husband John about this, on my way to see Pru Marsh on Ferranti page. June & Samantha got tickets for Royal Ascot Ladies Day, and I 'phoned Bernie for a betting tip. See video near end ;-) white strip Utube video Utube video Utube video Pam Coughlan Utube video Ascot Cars

( FROM APRIL 2021) Information for those contracted to help with the event.

( FROM APRIL 2021) Yet to be written. e.g. planning; choice of venue; provision of venue; Master of Ceremonies; Screens/video/communications; transport; accomodation; etc, etc :-)

Room for June & Robin Lovelock's 50th

But, as a starter, see the picture above and this extract from a recent email, to Gary Carter, of . Gary is on Robin's Covid19 page, to amuse and inform.

Gary Carter with son Bert working on the Lovelock's cars QUOTE..I'll be putting more onto soon, but in brief: I'll be emailing the link to a lot of local places, asking their sales guys to make me "an offer I can't refuse" ;-) e.g. hire of a suitable meeting room for the evening, or perhaps a much wider time period. Our Reception on 26th June 1971 was at the back of The Royal Foresters, on the A329, between Ascot and Bracknell. That was probably from lunchtime to early afternoon. June's dad Jack Ponsford decided who was invited to the buffet lunch. But a lot of our friends "propped up the bar" - then decorated my Spitfire before we drove down to the hotel in the New Forest.

Even without Covid19, we will need a lot of screens with remote guests, maybe having their parties in other places, from USA, through Europe, to New Zealand. I will probably contract a different company to handle all the remote video stuff, music, Master of Ceremonies, etc. Someone will need to control who gets to say something - and cut off some of my friends and relatives who get out of hand.

The event will certainly be "live streamed" on the Net, and might even be broadcast on one or more TV Networks. Unlikely perhaps, but simplest for everyone to know their behaviour might be seen by a lot of people ;-)

I expect to be in the position, hopefully by early May, to have at least contracts with two venues: one as a "Plan B" if "Pland A" has a problem. e.g. Staff sickness, building problems, The Pub or Hotel chain going bust, Government policy, etc. .. UNQUOTE

Old photos of our Wedding on Saturday 26th June 1971, and words about who was there - said with caution :-)

Click on pictures to enlarge - if you dare :-)

old wedding photos old wedding photos old wedding photos old wedding photos old wedding photos old wedding photos old wedding photos old wedding photos old wedding photos old wedding photos old wedding photos

Video of Ascot Ladies Day on Thursday 17th June 2021 and Important Guests like the Sharp Family & Ferranti-ites :-)

Maybe more here soon - done carefully, so as to protect the guilty. e.g. 1970/1971 partys, pranks, and a Stag Party ;-)
This 30 minute video may be of interest to some, such as the large, extended Sharp family, or those who "like the horses" :-)
Tap or Click on pictures below to play video, expand the picture, or visit a relevant page. e.g. Spartan Games at Royal Bagshot Park.

Ascot Ladies Day on Thursday 17th June 2021 and Important Guests like Bernie & Larry Sharp Little Vigo on satellite Robin Loveloick, Steve Markham, and Spitfire Spartan Games - Robin with Navy Merlin helicopter and Army on Barossa range

Who MIGHT attend the Saturday Blackbushe Party - awaiting replies; Also: RAF/Navy/Army/Police/Private helicopters.
Skip to Who Will section below, for latest list. This kept for now as background information.

The Party at Saskia and Gary's near Blackbush is now back to from 3pm to 8pm, so time to continue in a Pub like The Royal Forresters or other until very late.

Robin is now receiving your replies, if you can attend, when, where, etc, before confirming the list of people there, at what times, etc. The Blackbushe location obviously permits short walks and "relaxation" in the Nature reserve, or a local Pub. Robin hopes to maintain a list of attendees, in emails, and hopefully on this page - treated as public, even if it is not. There will probably be large groups in other places who may participate remotely. e.g. Homes, Parks, or our AMRA Amenity area. e.g. Robin's Aunti Joy Sharp, in that last colour picture below, is attending a big house-warming party on Saturday with children, and grand children. that includes one of June's bridesmades. This is an excellent example where a planned video chat can be done. The same applies to other Networks, such as our friends in Sunninghill, and where Robin has lived, studied and worked, and/or played with :-) e.g. AMRA , City Uni' , Ferranti , EASAMS , Hobbies , Snoopy. You know who you are :-)

Sunninghill Guys who choose not to be near Blackbush might be able to use their home, the street, the Amenity area, The Comrades Club, or a local park, etc. Ideally, The Blackbushe party will include guys who can be the link to these overlapping networks of Family and friends. Not just at important times, like cutting of a cake, Robin giving June her present, or her jumping onto to table to sing Rugby songs - but using their smartphone to links several others to a remote group :-)

May soon be more than 30 here, because awaiting replies, and they may not be at the party at same time. Robin is starting with those June said she assumed would be there, such as the Bansals, and the core of Robin's "Last of the Summer Wine" Pub Grub guys: Stuart, Richard, and John. This is subject to latest info such as the Gurney's possible visit to Fowey. It is NOT in priority order. e.g. my Best Man was Stuart Quarrie :-)

In no particular order ( although Steve & Kay Markham VERY important - because of local airspace knowledge, RAF Odiham Chinook contacts - NOT to Fly the Sipa or Spitfire in ! :-) Steve has been a Ferranti workmate, Flatmate, source of great interest and fun with our pranks, hobbies, including flying since 1971, Moto Biking, Bell Ringing, and - of course - the SPITFIRE ! I plan to have at least one Laptop with his rolling video brief on that. I'm sure we will enjoy sharing some of those batcheloe day pranks :-)

Here we go (this section will soon not be needed) ...
June Lovelock, Robin Lovelock, Samantha Lovelock, Saskia Lovelock, Gary Scrivens, Michelle Lovelock, Sally Campion, Becky Campion, Adam, Gill Gurney ?, Steve Gurney ?, Paul Gurney ?, Kim Gurney ?, Bal Bansal, Nick Bansal, Jaz Bansal, Raj Bansal, Mandeep Bansal, Richard Ince, Fay Ince ?, Stuart Wicks, Angela ?, John Sylvester, Marian Sylvester ?, Roy Vaughn, Sally Vaughn, Terry Kensey, David Broomfield, Richard Hughes ?, Diane Hughes ?, Larry Sharp, Bernie Sharp, Stuart Quarie, Sue Quarry, Steve Markham, Kay Markam, Tony Friis ?, Alan Edwards, Jerome Tucker, ?? Tucker, Geoff Sharp ?, Linda Sharp ?, Scott Sharp ? Nigel Bennee x, Eileen Bennee ?, Pete Wilson X ( in USA but November ? ).

Video chat was always going to be important. e.g. Whatsapp/Zoom/Skype/Messenger/Meet etc.

0230 Sunday:That'll do for now - sorry those forgotten, time to get to bed - it was a busy day. eg. delivering flyers, buying chairs, Laptops, visiting people, and that long Whatsapp video chat of June/Samantha/Robin/Michelle/Saskia&Gary/Michelle/Sally&Becky from 1900 - 2230, then replying to emails :-)
Later on Sunday morning: Saskia arrived unexpectly ( for Robin ), because it was Father's Day. Things were hectic for an hour, but Robin exploited the surprise with camcorder - including Tody with a mouse just as Saskia was leaving. Of course, June & Samantha new two days earlier Saskia would drop by - but had not put "Father's Day" in my diary. The print is too small for me to have noticed it ! :-)

Relevant Quote from Robin's Snoopy page ...

Robin, June, and other Team-Joker members, have other things taking their time. e.g. Coping with Covid19 ; Health problems; That Flat Roof & Kitchen work is still on-going. June likes her tennis; Robin likes minimum hassle and spending time with Grumpy Old Men :-) Click on pictures to expand, play, or visit the relevant page. Robin claims that some of his friends, and work-mates over the years, are crazier than he. We all have our "crosses to bear", be it recent bereavement, physical health, addiction, or stigma resulting from mental health problems. Sometimes many things overlap, such as helping friends, making new ones, or doing work in the Garden . Robin prefers to just oversee work ;-) See also Walks and The Bigger Picture :-) white strip Xmas18 piccy Peter and Dick Xmas19 piccy LOSW 1 Xmas19 piccy LOSW 2 Xmas19 Tennis Bansal family friends Flat roof white strip NHSCARE Frimley Park Hosptal Visit Counter after reply to Microtransat Group Adam Afriye Gardening before a wedding white strip

Weather for Sunninghill in week ahead from BBC is on . More detailed rain radar based prediction is on .

white strip

List of "Who WILL Attend .." section with list of guys expected at the 50th Party.

June busy watching Montalbano on TV, and playing video games :-)

This list started with Robin's best guess of what the answers may be in coming days. Don't forget our continguency plans like across the road, etc :-) Robin will try and keep this list up to date, if June and Samantha help with yellow stickys on a cork board or white board. We tried spreadsheets for my 70th Party and had to resort to improvisation :-)

Replies coming in: e.g. a 'phone calls Sunday of "NO"s due to family get-togethers - grandkids take priority ! :-) They can join on video if and when they wish.
Good if we have at least one person from AMRA there, so can act as a link to Sunninghill. June needs persuasion to join others after, including at The Royal Foresters, but - as expected - Men and women would probably be chatting in different groups at agreed locations.
Nice concise emailed answer from Dave Broomfield on 22nd: "I wish to attend the Party, physically, next Saturday 26th June 2021, at your daughter Saskia and Gary's place near Blackbushe Airfield, between 3pm (1500) until 5pm (1700)."

Some guys, including Robin, might leave earlier than 8pm to join men elsewhere, such as across the road - but Robin is under June's thumb ;-)

FRIDAY: Lots of other preperations documented, so here is best guess based on what I remember people saying :-)

The following list is UNDER CONSTRUCTION based on replies, if and when we have them, by email, 'phone, or face-to-face:

YES June Lovelock, 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, Ascot, SL5 9TA. 01344 620775.Contact page.
YES Robin Lovelock, 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, Ascot, SL5 9TA. 01344 620775. Mobile 07736 353 404. See Contact page.
YES Samantha Lovelock, 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, Ascot, SL5 9TA. 01344 620775. See Family, Contact page.
YES Saskia Lovelock, Little Vigo, Yately, near Blackbushe. (Host)
YES Gary Scrivens (Partner), Little Vigo, Yately, near Blackbushe. (Host)
YES Michelle Lovelock, Coventry. Arriving by train on Friday, at Ascot Station. June or Samantha will collect.
YES Sally Campion, Raunds near Northamption. (Robin's sister, was bridesmaid ). See Family, Ferranti, and Wedding pictures :-)
YES Becky Campion,Raunds near Northamption. (Sally and late Michael's daughter)
YES Adam ??? Raunds near Northamption ? (Becky's boyfriend) - Sally & Becky's Chaufer ? :-) likes tennis :-)
PROBABLE? Gill Gurney (June's sister, was bridesmaid. See Wedding pictures), Alton. Note Gurney's possible visit to Fowey. (50%) ?
YES Roy Vaughn, Crowthorne. ex-Ferranti. At Wedding. after 'phone call and looking at "50" page with Robin.
YES Sally Vaughn, Crowthorne. Does what her husband Roy says ? - Naa - but both on our "Walks" page.
PROBABLE Steve Gurney, Alton. Note Gurney's possible visit to Fowey. (50%) ?
PROBABLE Gill Gurney, Alton. Note Gurney's possible visit to Fowey. (50%) ?
YES: Paul Gurney, Bracknell: Paul working so may be late.
YES: Kim Gurney, Bracknell.
YES: Baby Jack Gurney, Bracknell. With mum Kim Gurney. SEE LOVELY PICTURE OF THE YOUNG MAN :-)
Paul & Kim Gurney and baby Jack are in Bracknell: Paul working so may be late. Their Wedding is on our 2019 Newsletter and baby Jack on the huge 2020 Newsletter :-)
YES from Dave Broomfield in Sandhurst, ex EASAMS , from 3pm until 5pm.
YES from Terry Kensey in Fleet, ex EASAMS , probably from 3pm until 8pm, but see above. e.g. other locations nearby ;-)
YES from Alan Edwards in Barkham, near Grandad Sharp, ex Ferranti , at Parties, Stag Night, Wedding, etc. 1500 - 2000 at Blackbushe. + elsewhere with Robin & others ? :-)
NO from (Best Man ) Stuart Quarie and Sue Quarry - Son Stuart Quarrie's Birthday on 26th. See lovely picture near end of Stu and Sue :-)
NO from (Flatmate & flying) Steve & Kay Markham - Concerns about 3rd Covid19 Peak. Shared with me and many. "canned" (Spitfire) stuff more important Steve :-)
NO? from Pete Wilson and Marie in USA: probably not, but maybe in UK later in year such as November.
NO? Nigel Bennee near Cambridge: probably not - an NHS appointment the day after.
NO? Eileen Bennee ? near Cambridge: probably not - see above.
Richard & Fay Ince: Sorry no: son David and family, including grandkids, visiting :-)
YES from Bal Bansal in Sunninghill.
YES from Nick Bansal in Sunninghill.
YES. Raj Bansal, in Sunningill. For family see Ajay page. Spoke direct with Robin on Wednesday 23 June.
YES Mandeep Bansal - if she gets time off work in the village.
NO Stuart Wicks, in Armitage Court, Sunninghill. spending time with partner Angela at her home in Kent, near family.
NO: Angela, in Armitage Court, Sunninghill. see above.
YES John Sylvester, South Ascot ? Had Pub Lunch with Robin Lovelock on Friday 25th.
NO Marian Sylvester, South Ascot - from John.
YES Roy Vaughn ! :-)
NO? Sally Vaughn - according to Roy's 'phone chat with Robin.
Richard Hughes ?
Diane Hughes ?
YES Larry Sharp. Telecon at 2130 Friday. Taxi can be charged to Robin.
YES Bernie Sharp.
Tony Friis ?
Jerome Tucker
?? Tucker
Geoff Sharp ?
Linda Sharp ?
Scott Sharp ?

Don't forget that having a number of spare seats can mean coping with last minute changes of decision - if June and our "Bouncers" let them in :-)

Also that we have scope for related get-togethers on the Sunday 27th June, throughout the week.

I asked June what the Dress Code should be: she responded with anger "You don't have dress code at a party !" :-)
So my humble suggestion is, come, and/or appear on video, as you wish: "Smart-Casual", "Casual", "Fancy Dress" or "Formal", or "Scruffy Casual".
I'll be "Scruffy Casual", as you will see in recent Youtube videos. June is always telling me to clean my shirt or trousers before going out. What after gardening ? Or eating fruit and nut chocolate ? :-)
Maybe June or Samantha's dresses will fit me, so I could like like them and others at the recent Ascot Ladies Day. My Gay friends and family will love that ! :-)

white strip

Furniture like chairs - DONE, gazeebos - DONE, Tables - DONE ?; Video entertainment, briefing, video chat chat aids NOT DONE ...

It would have been nice if there had been time for someone to investigate a video broadcast for anyone given the URL :-(

Acer Chromebook from Curries/PCWorld in Bracknell EASAMS trip to Lagos in 1981 Garden Chairs from Longacres Garden Centre Gazebo from Longacres Garden Centre Sunday 20th December (fathers Day): Last Friday, June and Robin visited Longacres Garden Centre, and came away with a brilliant gazeebo, quickly and easily put up today, and three garden chairs in the back of my old Merc'. Today, two lovely guys arrived from Longacres with the remaining 7 chairs, but delivered another 3 by "mistake". They already had my visiting card but took two more ! ;-) Friendly Georgia of Longacres Customer Service called later for the payment, quickly done, over the 'phone with my credit card. I recognised Georgia's voice ;-)

Putting up a Gazebo from Longacres Garden Centre We now have a gazeebo and 13 chairs from Longacres, for the Party(s) and later use, and costing just ... naah - that's "business" for you ;-)
Yesterday we collected 6 chairs from Homebase at Bracknell, more easily taken in our car - and got excellent help from the guys to go through checkout and load them.
In Curries PC World yesterday, Robin tested a 15" Chromebook, looking at pages, and was delighted, so ordered it. It was the last one, used for display, so that was delivered today. June and I unpacked, plugged it in, swiched it on, without needing to read the book. This photo was taken within 45 minutes of unpacking. 40 minutes later and we'd quickly increased character size to the same full screen as our cheap PC driving the lounge Windows 7 PC, and had Whatsapp working, with all my contacts. It seems I may buy more from friends who aren't on the Net, or are wasting their time using a little screen :-) Thanks Kelvin - great friendly service, and reminding me of my memorable trip to Lagos, in 1981, seen on the EASAMS page. That was the second time I was totally drunk; the first was my Stag Night in 1971 :-)

white strip

"Canned" video of pictures, sounds, video clips, BEFORE the Party(s) ?

Great if any of you, who I know, could send me ASAP, a picture, or maybe more, suitable for me to put into a repeating video, to be put on Youtube soon, but set to run on a Laptop at the Party(s), for anyone interested.

Similar words to those below were included in an email to my friend Flavio Corradini in Italy, whose daughter, was getting married today, Sunday 20th June 2021. I've changed them, from "after the Wedding" to "BEFORE the Party(s)" :-)

Picture from Robin's cousin Alan Bennett (MODIFIED) QUOTE: ... but BEFORE the Party(s), good if you can send a nice picture of you guys waving, that I can use for our and at the party(s). I am hoping that friends like you can email me, or put on Facebook, a picture, maybe a WAV sound, or even a short video of a few seconds. Smiling, waving, and saying something like "Hello everyone, enjoy your 50th Party !" - Our Indian friends will be at the party I can then edit a repeating video for youtube, but also on hard disk at our 50th party, so anyone can look at it, and listen, when they wish. Some may want to speak for a little longer, if they wish. e.g. my friends who were at my Stag Night a week before our wedding !

June & Robin Lovelock's Wedding in 1971 I remember it well, when they "spiced" my drink, and I returned from the pub, to the "batchelor pad", riding on the roof of my friends mini. Luckily I did not fall off, along the road, then the bumpy lane, to the old house called "Duncairn". I spent almost a week in bed, with my friends caring for me, but I was JUST well enough for the Wedding ! - then my drive in the Spitfire Mk3 from The Royal Foresters reception, down to a hotel in the New Forest, for the start of our Honeymoon :-) UNQUOTE.

This "Canned video" section was sparked by the email from my cousin Alan Bennett, with this lovely family picture, which I'll include here as an example. Alan is my cousin, on the Clapham Junction part of the Lovelock family tree, near the top of my Family page.

I'm sure that there will soon be the first issue of the repeating video - maybe to motivate guys to attend. For many of you, I already have recent pictures in past Xmas Newsletters.

I'm hoping it may encourage more guys to attend, despite the short notice and all the problems they may have. Tap or Click on pictures to expand. Alan is holding the hat.
Thanks Alan, above, and what a lovely photo from Best Man Stu Quarrie with wife Sue. Tere's a lot more about Stu Quarrie on my On the Water . page. Thanks Stu :-)
Tap or Click on pictures to enlarge. I'll make them smaller as we add more. e.g. here are Gary and Saskia, the hosts of the Blackbushe Party on Saturday 26th June 2021.

Stu and Sue Quarrie Gary and Saskia white strip

Thanks Kim & Paul Gurney for piccy of young baby Jack Gurney; Thanks Gordon Patterson for that artistic card from MoD friends: more here soon ? ;-) white strip Baby Jack Gurney in June 2021 Gordon Paterson white strip

Tap or Click on these to enlarge. For years Robin was cautious of clicking on anything; he often does it on other platforms ;-) Thanks Guys: Venice was Nice on our Holiday :-) white strip Jacquie Lawson Card Jacquie Lawson Card Jacquie Lawson Card white strip

white strip

AFTER the 50th Party: Interesting Events and People from the past and into the future ...

June & Robin's early years of marriage in Holland, with Robin working for SHAPE Technical Centre :-)
Tap or Click on pictures below, taken from the above page. e.g. Samantha's birth, just hours before that important briefing :-) white strip NATO Days in the 1970s NATO Days in the 1970s NATO Days in the 1970s NATO Days in the 1970s white strip NATO Days in the 1970s NATO Days in the 1970s NATO Days in the 1970s John Maniello NATO Days in the 1970s SHAPE Technical Centre Runion in 2003 white strip

These pictures and/or videos relate to the event, and topics of mutual interest. e.g. cutting lawns before "pub grub" and a perfect day, talking to Mr Kahn :-)

white strip EASAMS and a perfect day EAMACS to Aramco EASAMS and a perfect day EAMACS to Aramco Robin cuts lawns before pub grub and a perfect day Mr Kahn of the Raj Vooj and a perfect day white strip

Tap or Click on pictures: Geoff Fox of Sunninghill plays and speaks to Robin, about the Tank Factory, Chobham Common , and Guitars :-) white strip Geof Fox of Sunninghill speaks to Robin Lovelock Chobham Common Chobham Common Chobham Common white strip

Chobham is also the home of Lord Glenusk - previously the Rt Hon Chris Bailey. Chris did pioneering work in computers, and worked at Ferranti Digital Systems in Bracknell where he ran a Laboratory, with stuff like graphic screens and light pens. Robin used these, while at City University for his little project on Artifial Intelligence ( AI ). Robin and June visited the Glenusk family estate during their trip to Wales. Here below is an extract from our 2018 Christmas Newsletter ... "In 2021 we discovered that we'd forgotton to mention our lovely trip to Wales, even though it was mentioned on Robin's Frimley Park (Military) Hospital page, linked to the Geocaching page, with old soldier and dear friend Tony Wale. Our trip was to attend the funeral of Tony's wife Bonny, but that was both a sad and happy occasion - particularly the wake. We also had amazing trips. e.g. the family estate of Baron Glenusk. Here are several pictures. Tap or Click to expand, or visit a page". white strip Tony Wale Wales Wales Wales

white strip

Edited version done - see below. I'll do things like update Family page again, and prepare to give DVD and DVD Players to guys with no Internet.
But not before adding this video of Mr Kahn and of Uncle Bernie, as draft of addition to family page :-)
June & Robin Lovelock's 50th Wedding Aniversary Mr Khan of Sunninghill Robin talks to Uncle Bernie about Harold Sharp white strip

Who has visited this "50" page ?

Robin Lovelock From Robin: It's very convenient for me, that there are so few visitors to this page: just those given the link. See map and words near end of my Home page ;-)

Visit Counter after reply to Microtransat Group The visit counters may give a rough indication on who else is visiting, or has visited, this page. I don't hide or disguise my visits, but they may appear as "Ascot", or miles away, like "Camberley, England" (on my Study PC), or "Southend-on-Sea, England" ( on the Lounge PC). Positions may not be accurate, but times are. These may change at any time, without control by me. e.g. if we have a power cut, or I reboot a router. Or we might be using a smartphone or tablet via GSM or Satcoms, not landline.

So, you MAY see if I'm "working" in the Study, or "playing" in Lounge :-)

Not all visits are seen, and some browsers hide location, but you may find Revolvermaps livestats for "50" page interesting - or boring :-)

The video on the right shows several guys visiting my Covid19 page, at the same time, after I posted the link on the Microtransat forum :-)

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