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Robin's "EASY" page - to help Support Guys

Last Update 1930 UK Time ( Also 1930z GMT/UT/GPS Time ) Friday 11th November 2022
For latest news and/or new problems with Digital, scroll down to near the end.

Since the last update below, that "Special Military Operation" started in Ukraine, where much of the Technical Support for Easily.UK seems to have been done. Our thoughts are with everyone. However, I must stress here, that I've recently seen similar problems on other hostings, after the aquisition by big American companies. I DO NOT want these companies to drop ownership or put blame on their hard working support guys. I know of numerous examples where brilliant computer support is provided around the World, despite natural disasters and wars. Love & Strength ! :-)

Robin Thursday 3rd February 2022: Yet another mistake by Easily.UK. deliberate or otherwise. Email below dated 2/2/2022 :
This is to advise you that you have reached 100% of your allocated disk space for this month. Not to worry, you can avoid additional charges by upgrading your package.
Please note, failure to increase your storage, may result in your hosting becoming suspended or overage charges applied to your next bill.
For answers to any additional questions, please email
From Robin: so just WHAT IS the limit of my "unlimited webspace" ? I can easily remove things like videos. Please DO NOT simply send me a standard link to waste my time - which is valuable :-)

But see problem below, with my email from 3rd October 2021 unanswered, even though we can see they read it :-)

Newsflash from Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill on 3rd October 2021 - updated 9th and 16th October:

As I've said before: I've got great sympathy for you guys trying to provide support to and do your job - with what appears to be chaos all around you ;-)

In October 2021, somebody within Newfold Digital / / and their support guys around the World, including Ukraine, made changes:

1) GOOD they redirected my domain to new hidden webspace, that seems to be in
I can now upload files using WS_FTP to this webspace. i.e. without that "Quota exceeded" message.
I had to spend days uploading more than just the 1.16 GB of 1392 files that changed since August 2020, i.e. 7800+ files of of over 7.8 GB.

2) BAD: I'm no longer able to redirect the domain to an alternate hosting when that one above fails. BUT I COULD BACK IN FEBRUARY 2021.

For clarity, I repeat the pictures from further below, when my domain redirection DID work:

Click on a screen shot to enlarge, if you need to see more detail ...

screen shot for Easily Technical support screen shot for Easily Technical support screen shot for Easily Technical support screen shot for Easily Technical support

Earlier words:
The question unanswered by Easily Support for months: "what will the URL be for that webspace, replacing what was ?"
The answer was provided by Daniel ( of Billing ) on Friday 19th March 2021:
Thanks Daniel: we got there eventually :-) Update on 13th October 2021: Could this be the new Hosting URL: ?
BUT SEE RED TEXT ABOVE. I do NOT want the URL hidden, shown as "", and I need to switch it, to alternatives, when fails.

I have not yet updated information further below on this "EASY" page. Enjoy ! :-)

The latest outstanding problem may result from a fault in Billing, after ownership and support changes, in August 2020. See 7th August 2021 update below.

screen shot for Easily Technical support The next question, asked yet again, in my reply to Support is near the bottom of this page, but is repeated here: "What parameters should I use in my old WS_FTP to update files in my web space ?

No, I do NOT wish to download alternative FTP software, such as those you suggest. WS_FTP has worked well for over 20 years with all my hosters, including Easily, TSO, Force9, and Host-it.

screen shot for Easily Technical support If you do not understand my questions, please say :-)

Tap or Click on pictures to expand and see details.

Monday 26th July 2021: Thanks Regina B in Ukraine, who suggested those red "?" fields, on the left, should both be "". Also, I needed to follow the obscure process to update my FTP password.

For the first time in almost 12 months, I have managed to access the webspace with WS_FTP - to read files - BUT NOT write to the Hosting.

The problem I've hit is that WS_FTP response of "Disk quota exceeded", when trying to upload a small file like this easy.htm page. Creating space by deleting a video in my /video folder did not seem to help. Neither did deletion of a 287 MB ZIP file in the same, main folder to release space.

What IS the limit on my hosting, that was once "unlimited" ? Or is it yet another bug in your system ? :-)

Here is a clue that may help you: that top red "?" above, on the field "Host Name:". It seems unlikely that should be a domain, like "", rather than a physical URL like all my other Hostings, for many years. e.g. that old "" or many others.

Update on Thursday 5th August 2021: Thanks Walter B ( in Phillipines ?) for suggesting that I try FTP Host: - which seems to behave OK, and is a physical URL.
BUT I still get the same "Disk quota exceeded" error message if I try and upload a new file, such as this easy.htm page.
But maybe this is a clue: I can download files to my c:\tmp folder, then upload these same files to my web space OK.
Thanks for the attached image, but a markup of my WS_FTP image might be more helpful.
If you ARE in Philippines - what a lovely coincidence - GPSS business and friends MANY years ago :-)

UK Office of Newfold Digital 7th August 2021: this received from Ashden D, of Easily Technical Support in Ukraine:
"Please be informed that the issue caused by disk quota exceeded. Please refer to your hosting plan information below:
Beginner: YMIGLINUX3780 Quota: 7600
...In order to upgrade your web hosting package, kindly contact our Billing Department at ..."

Friday 13th August 2021: Robin received an email from Ashley Turner , Marketing Manager of Newfold Digital, the latest owners of, after CSC aquisition in 2020. Ashley suggested a chat with him and Gerry Drew , his General Manager. The chat did not materialise. Ashley also did not respond to Robin's reply.

Robin has sympathy with all those working in these companies, having to deal with their own problems, including if they have a future job. But thankyou all those who have been as helpful as they are able. Robin is still awaiting a reply from Billing on 18th August. He lives in hope :-)

white strip

Introduction from February 2021 by Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill, England

Robin I started this "Easy" page on 3rd February 2021 as an aid to my communication with the guys who provide support by email.

Problems started in August 2020, following changes of /, perhaps related to ownership and support.

Some progress has been made, but very slowly - mostly dependent on who within Easily/CSC dealt with my problem.

I'll start with the words and links that have been public, at the bottom of my "Home" page of ...

This copy of is hosted on and - since 1997, very well thankyou :-)
The hosting on also worked well for many years, until August 2020. Easily/CSC* in USA have still failed to fix it.
Robin is still asking what the new URL should be to replace that above. But we make slow progress with Easily.UK email support in Ukraine.
We have a 4th hosting on created in September 2020, which is working well, and having uploads.
Other domains of Robin, such as are hosted in sub-folders, such as .
Sorry if the support problems mean translation flags or links to some of my pages fail. Easily Support have their problems too !
Thank you guys, who provide Easily Email Technical Support, wherever you are. e.g. China, Ukraine, Denmark, and maybe UK.
Particular thanks to the guys who provide Easily Voice Support from New Brunswick, Canada - Thank Goodness for your support.
* See Corporation Service Company on Wiki. You may research these companies yourself on , or the Net :-) white strip

Friday 5th February 2021: Domain forwarding problem solved, and explained by my new screen shots near end of this "Easy" page. Those helping me with the remaining "Hosting" problem may wish to consult Miranda's email on this below. Thanks Andrew, also in Ukraine, for making me look at that Portal user interface again :-)

Saturday 6th February 2021: Below that are now the images supporting discussion of my access to hosted webspace, using that old, but trusted WS_FTP, still used unchanged since 1995. This is the remaining problem to be solved. This raises a simple question: what will the URL be for that webspace, replacing what was ? This "Easy" page is NOT a Blog - if it were, and included ALL the emails from Support, it would be 10 x larger :-)

Email reply to Gerry Drew, General Manager of on Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Robin The text of my reply to Gerry is below, followed by Gerry Drew's email broadcast to customers.

The lovely coincidence was that Gerry's email, mentioning that was being aquired by from CSC, was directly relevant to the problems experienced with It had come in on the day that I'd decided to create this "Easy" page, to share with Easily.UK support, and others who might help me.

Throughout my long career, I learned the value of a "Top Down Approach" ;-)

This "Easy" page was only going to be that introduction above and the more detailed earlier email to Easily.UK Support, with the screen shots, showing my attempt to use their domain forwarding tool. However, it may be useful to the support guys to see the "bigger picture", particularly within these difficult times of unemployment and Covid19 .

Please remember that there are two fundamental problems to be solved:
1) My ability to switch forwarding of my domains, such as and onto alternative hostings if one fails.
2) My ability to resume use of for hosting - now with three alternatives.

I have only redacted the email address that Gerry suggested be used, so nobody need worry who sees this page. white strip


Subject: Welcome to the Web. Family ... Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill

Hi Gerry, and/or who reads these emails. I hope this reaches your personal attention, and whoever you wish to share it with.

What a lovely coincidence your email should come in this morning. The reply address of [redacted] bounced - but then I saw [redacted]

I hope that purchase of Easily.UK from CSC goes ahead, and maybe we can help each other in some way.

For background, it is important that you at least read the two bold paragraphs from my "Home" page on

e.g. working with the Americans as a Senior NATO scientist in the 1970s when the Net was secret, years in Defence Systems, own GPS Software business, charity, hobbies, TV and Radio publicity, and lots more - but don't get lost ! :-)

The relevant part to your aquisition of is near the very bottom of , after that World map of visitors.

I would quote those public words here, but I would not wish you to miss some of the earlier information on my "Home" page

As it happens, later today, I was planning to set up a page to support this particular subject, to help communication with the support guys, who mostly seem to be Ukraine, although sometimes other places like China.

BUT, let me hasten to add here that, in the years after 1994, when I started my own GPS Software business ( now a hobby ), some of the most capable guys were in places like Russia ( e.g. voice recognition ), India, China, and 150 other countries. I still have a wide International network of friends, a few of whom appear on my "Covid19" page - enjoy the Queen singing

Too many words from me already: let me end here with saying how I like what I saw of your C.V. on and, as I learnt from Americans, I love "openess". Your early years at O2 - my dumb mobile on 07736 353 404 still has an O2 sim

All my contact details have been public and the same for decades - see the "Contact" page of but I'll put them at the end here.

I'll also CC my long-suffering wife June, our 50th is later this year

That page I spoke of should be ready later today.

Robin ( or etc )

Robin Lovelock, 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berks, SL5 9TA, UK.

Landline 01344 620774 Mobile 07736 353 404

Email ( or etc )

On 03/02/2021 04:21, Easily wrote: ( without image, etc )


Dear Valued Customer,

I hope this message finds you well during these strange times. Im writing with some good news as the General Manager of Group in the UK.

You may know that we have recently entered into an agreement to acquire and Speednames customers from the company CSC. As a valued customer of Easily this means that the services you have been enjoying will continue, and from now will be provided by our UK based team who are dedicated to your online success, and keen to make sure that you continue to get excellent service for all of your digital needs.

You dont have to take any action all the services that you currently enjoy will continue and we will not be asking you to make any changes to the way you access them. However, over the coming weeks, we would love to get to know you better, and to understand more about how we at can help you to find success with your online business, whatever your needs.

We are proud to provide online services to millions of customers worldwide, and you will now be able to experience market leading service and access to our team of experts on a range of digital solutions.

Whether you are just managing a simple online presence, keeping a few domains names under management, or running a full powered online shopping site, our team is on standby to help you to make the most of what the internet can offer, and work with you through 2021 and beyond to deliver your success.

To find out a bit more about and our services, please visit If you have any questions or needs, or just want to share your thoughts and ideas about how we can provide you the best possible service, please email me [redacted].

We are proud to have the loyalty of millions of customers and delighted to be able to welcome you to the family. Well be in touch in the coming days and weeks and will work hard to ensure we deliver for you your success is our success.

With thanks and best wishes,

Gerry Drew

General Manager


Email reply to Miranda at Easily.UK Technical Support in Ukraine, in January 2021

Robin The email reply from Miranda is chosen here because that from Miranda showed that she'd read and understood my problem.

I'd hoped that my reply, with the screen shots that follow, would have resulted in my making progress on being able to switch the domain forwarding myself - when I need to. Instead, the majority of replies, by someone else in the Easily.UK support network, usually shows that they did not understand my problem. e.g. I get replies like "The forwarding of your domain is OK".

Here is my email exchange with Miranda. I've only redacted things like the 'phone numbers, so anyone may read this.

Thanks Miranda S. That was useful, and I hope you can do the following now:

a) visit the words at the very bottom of my "Home" page on

b) see the following 8 screen shots, as GIF images, showing the path I've just taken.

I decided it unwise to experiment with changing the forwarding of since it is more important to me.

You may see that I have several other domains, including , , and

I decided to test my changing of forwarding with , which is currently forwarded to my hosting

These screen shots show the path that I took, in selecting and then trying to redirect it to an alternative hosting.

Sadly, I got red messages, saying two of the earlier fields needed values. It would not allow me to type anything in here. e.g. "public" or "index.htm"

Good if you can see these images and perhaps tell me what URL I was trying to redirect to ? :-)

Please remember this is just an important first step in solving the problems since August 2020.

But as we say, in many countries, "one step at a time" :-)


On 26/01/2021 20:09, Easily Technical Support wrote:
> Hi Robin,
Thank you for contacting Easily support.
> In order to forward the domain name to any other URL, you may use the Domain Forwarding application in the Portal ( Refer to the screenshot attached.

> If you would like to transfer this domain to any other hosting provider, you will need to update your blank and www A records to the IP address of your new hosting provider. You may perform this action using the Domain Manager application. Keep in mind that DNS records propagation time is up to 48 hours.
> Upon checking, Control Panel works without any issues and all applications are being displayed correctly. Refer to the gif file attached.
> Please clear cache and cookies and retest. The following link will help you:
> If this issue still persists, provide us with the exact steps to reproduce it and clarifying screenshots.
> We also ask you to elaborate on the concern regarding the gpsshed2.gif and provide us with more details along with the screenshots of the issue and the exact URL that does not work.
> If the gpsshed2.gif file is a part of your content, be informed that we are unable to directly assist you in this matter, since your website content is under your charge. You may try to re-upload the needed file to the webspace and make sure that it is not corrupted.
> Be advised that there is no domain name or such a website in our system. We assume that by saying old Easily URL you refer to the outdated host for the FTP connection.
> In this case, you may connect to the webspace of the website via FTP connection using the following setting:
> Host:
> User: The user specified in the FTP manager application in your Portal.
> Password: The password specified for the user in the FTP manager application in your Portal.
> Port: 21.
> In case we misunderstood your concern, kindly elaborate on it and we will gladly assist you further.
> Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
> Regards,
> Miranda S.
> Technical Support Specialist
> Technical support:
> Phone: +44 8000 (REDACTED BY ROBIN ) >
> On Mon, 25 Jan 2021 10:33:47 +0000, Robin Lovelock wrote:
> Hi Easily Support. I hope all is OK with you and your family, in whatever country you are.
> This is a friendly reminder from my earlier emails last year.
> These problems have been unresolved since August 2020 - it is now 5 months.
> You and your employer may find it useful to visit and scroll down to near the end.
> Those public words after the World map, talking about problems.
> Other guys might not be so diplomatic and patient as myself :-)
> In brief: please raise at least one ticket, and start by addressing the issues below.
> a) forwarding of onto my TSO or other hostings :
> I need to be able to switch my domains to a different hosting if and when one fails - as the
> one did last year.
> Good to see correct forwarding of onto my hosting
> BUT, as reported last year, the Control Panel is not working.
> I suggested, as a first step, and to give me confidence in your advice, what should that
> gpsshed2.gif be changed to ?
> b) restoration of the Easily hosting of my websites, including,,
> and others:
> Good to see some progress here too - one of those PNGs you sent me last year shows the files and
> sub-folders I would expect.
> Next step, as explained months ago, is to provide the URL of where these now reside.
> I did suggest that, as a practical solution for both you and I, that you arrange forwarding of my
> old Easily URL
> to whereever it is now hosted.
> You and your employer may also find it useful to google "robin lovelock in sunninghill" - but you
> might be distracted for hours :-)
> Best Wishes to you and your family in these difficult times.
> Robin
> Robin Lovelock, 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 9TA, UK.
> Landline: UK (+44 ) 01344 620775. Mobile 07736 353 404.

screen shot for Easily Technical support

screen shot for Easily Technical support

screen shot for Easily Technical support

screen shot for Easily Technical support

screen shot for Easily Technical support

screen shot for Easily Technical support

screen shot for Easily Technical support

screen shot for Easily Technical support


Tap or Click on the above screen shots to expand and see detail - if you need to :-)

Switching of Domain Forwarding problem solved - screen shots here show how to do it :-)

Robin Lovelock From Robin on Friday 5th February 2021: the screen shots below should show how I solved the problem of how to change the forwarding of one of my domains onto a different hosting. It was Andrew, like Miranda, also in Ukraine, who's email reply made me look again at the User Interface for and see what path to take. It worked OK for, which gives me confidence that, aided by these images to remind me, I can do it for other domains, if a particular hosting fails.

Next problem to be solved is how to use for hosting, as did for many years without problems until August 2020 :-)

Click on a screen shot to enlarge, if you need to see more detail ...

screen shot for Easily Technical support screen shot for Easily Technical support screen shot for Easily Technical support screen shot for Easily Technical support

Access to hosting that had been on

Robin Lovelock First let me repeat relevant words from the top of this "Easy" page: "... using that old, but trusted WS_FTP, still used unchanged since 1995. This is the remaining problem to be solved. This raises a simple question: what will the URL be for that webspace, replacing what was ? "

Tap or click on the images below to expand. The first two are of my old WS_FTP, used since 1995 with all hostings, including - I used the same password as that I changed to in September 2019. However, I changed these fields, and may have done it incorrectly: 1) Host name: from to and 2) User ID: from user28153 to

I got a login failure, and looked at the suggested FTP Manager on the portal, but it seemed to only suggest alternative FTP Apps to download. Of course, it is possible that my old password was lost by when they hit their problems in 2020. It is also possible that I've put in the wrong changes ! Your help please :-)

screen shot for Easily Technical support screen shot for Easily Technical support screen shot for Easily Technical support

From Robin on 8th February 2021: Thankyou Support for emails from Max A, at 1702, then Miranda at 1833 with more detail. Click on their screen shots, the last three are from Miranda, and clearly show the good news that the old ( August 2020 ?) web files have not been lost. I will do some tests, following your help, tomorrow. IMPORTANT: Please answer my simple question, already asked: what will the URL be for that webspace, replacing what was ? Good to see visit from Ukraine at 1844 :-)
screen shot from Easily Technical support screen shot from Easily Technical support screen shot from Easily Technical support screen shot from Easily Technical support

P.S. It is important that answer my simple question of what my Easily hosting URL is. I would not want to screw up my other hostings with FTP :-)

Problem: Easily.UK say Storage & Bandwidth exceeded ??? Robin's account must be upgraded or will be suspended ? :-(

Snoopy says 'Piss me off, pay the consequences' :-) Robin received this email on Thursday 3rd November 2022, warning him that his account will be suspended, if he does not upgrade it. i.e. pay more each month ?

Here is the email from support: QUOTE:
This is to advise you that you have reached 100% of your allocated Bandwidth for this month. Not to worry, you can avoid additional charges by upgrading your package. Please note, failure to increase your storage, may result in your hosting becoming suspended or overage charges applied to your next bill. For answers to any additional questions, please email

On 4th November, Robin received this email from : QUOTE:
Subject: Storage and Bandwidth Overages
I have been informed that the package you are on is going over its monthly allocated storage and transfer allowance
I have taken a screenshot which is attached of your usage over the past 12 months
The package you are on gives you 1GB of storage
We do not want this to affect any of your services so the package we offer customers who seem to be going over the allocated bandwidth is Webhost Premium 175 Unltd Storage and Bandwidth Yearly which is 275
If you have any questions please feel free to come back to me
Tracy Spencer
Easily/Speednames/Adicio Support

Only 1 GB of storage ? For many years, and now, I have FAR more data on my hosting - AND the three other alternates. e.g. Typically over 20 GB. The actual ammount may vary between hostings, particularly if I've not bothered to upload old videos, before Youtube was available. I have still not uploaded all my pages onto the new hosting, after they lost it all after Newford Digital took them over, and was dropped. For over 12 months, despite the problems reported above, I have been able to update the hosting, as I do the other three. e.g. updates to this "Easy" page ;-)

Tracy, and other staff, have my sympathy: IT systems and people make mistakes: particularly if the mistake might earn more money ;-)

Robin has had several hostings with different companies, since 1995. This includes occasionally uploading videos into his /video folder - a practise he used before Youtube became available MANY years ago :-)

It seems Robin can still upload this update to the provided hosting: not just the other three alternates on his "Home" page.

Earlier problems meant that Robin is still at the mercy of for forwarding of his domains, such as and - of importance to a lot of people.

Robin will obviously consider upgrading his account, when he is advised how to do so, by support - hopefully still those nice guys in New Brunswick USA. He normally starts by asking them to visit, while on the 'phone, then this page. The visit counters below normally show the visit - wherever it is from. e.g. USA, Ukraine, or even China. If nothing appears, he knows their browser is hiding their visits. No Problem - so far ! :-)

I hope they enjoy my use of Snoopy, can read what is on his mug, and don't consider it as a veiled threat. It is not ;-)

Update late on Thursday 10th November 2022: Good News: Robin made a 'phone call to the Easily.UK Support guys, on their public number 0800 160 1694, at about 2045 UK time - about 1645 in New Brunswick, Canada. He was delighted with the professional, friendly, and helpful advice. In no time, the guy answering was on this "Easy" page, and had scrolled down to this section, guarded by Snoopy. There was a chuckle or two :-) The total 20 minute call was recorded, and can be replayed on easysup1.wav on Youtube . But, in summary, Robin was advised that the current hosting does not expire until October 2023 - so there is plenty of time for Robin to decide whether to upgrade or to solve their problems. Robin was advised to "reach out" to Billing. i.e. to reply to Tracy's email. This he will do, pointing her to this page, and the nice guys in Easily Voice Support in New Brunswick :-) Or that's what their I.P.Adress says ;-)

Who has visited this page ?

Robin Lovelock From Robin: It's very convenient for me, that there are so few visitors to this page: just those given the link. See map and words near end of my Home page ;-)

Visit Counter after reply to Microtransat Group The visit counters may give a rough indication on who else is visiting, or has visited, this page. I don't hide or disguise my visits, but they may appear as "Ascot", or miles away, like "Camberley, England" (on my Study PC), or "Redhill" ( on the Lounge PC). Positions may not be accurate, but times are. These may change at any time, without control by me. e.g. after a power cut, or my re-booting a router. So, you may see if I'm "working" in the Study, or "playing" in Lounge :-)

Not all visits are seen, and some browsers hide location, but you MAY find Revolvermaps livestats for this "Easy" page of interest.

The video on the right shows several guys visiting at the same time, after I posted the link on the Microtransat forum to my Covid19 page :-)

© 1991-2021 Robin Lovelock.

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